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Notice about degree application for 2019 master students

In order to ensure the smooth progress of thesis defense and degree application for 2019 and 2018 master candidates, the Academic Affairs Office makes the following supplemental provisions for degree application steps.

Students must meet the following requirements to obtain a degree:

1. Complete all courses in the training plan with GPA≥2.7;

2. Pass the thesis proposal and mid-term review;

3. Complete a thesis draft and pass the supervisor's review;

4. Meet the requirements of paper publication before apply for defense;

5. Pass the defense successfully;

6. Pass the evaluation of the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee.

Timeline of the procedure is as following and each department could arrange its own time according to the deadline.



Deadlinegraduate in 2022.03.30


Appointed defense secretary (Teaching affairs teacher)pre-defense (students)

2021.11.22 (Monday of week 11)


Upload thesis and plagiarism checking; Spot checking (students)

2021.12.06-2021.12.09 (Monday-Wednesday of week 13)


Thesis delivery for review (Interior and blind review )(Teaching affairs teacher)

2021.12.10-2021.12.30 (Friday of week 13 to Wednesday of week 16)


Defense (students)

2022.01.10 (Monday of week 18)


submit hard copy defense documents:<defense vote>, <defense resolution>,<defense record>,<degree application>(Secretary)

2022.01.12 (Wednesday of week 18)


File in system (students)



Original file submitted (students)

2022.02.20 (spring semester registration day)

一、Appointed Defense Secretary

The defense secretary is usually a professional teacher of the discipline. Teaching Affairs Office appointed secretary in the system according to department decision. 


Form of pre-defense such as time and location will be separately notified by each discipline. Those who passed the pre-defense should revise the thesis according to the advice of committees. Students can apply for plagiarism checking after approving by supervisor. Those who failed the pre-defense can apply for pre-defense again after revised the thesis two weeks later. The day is calculated from the date of the first pre-defense. If still failed, students will be postponed to defense for three months. The secretary should do pre-defense record.

三、Plagiarism Checking

Students should submit the signed Supervisor’s Consent Letter for Master Candidate’s Thesis Plagiarism checking, Review in School of Design (see attachment 2) to monitor before the deadline. Monitor submit all the documents to Teaching Affairs Office together. Meantime, students upload the blind review version thesis to the graduate education management system (GS system) and blind review requirements please check the attachment 1. Students can check the results in the system 3 days after submitting the signed form. The thesis repetition rate is not higher than 10%, self-citation rate is not higher than 10%. Those who failed the second time should revise the thesis and could apply for the third time only after one month. In principle, students only have 3 times for checking and start the spot-checking after passed plagiarism checking.

Note: theplagiarism checking version is the version for review. So please upload it carefully.


When students do spot-checking, please fill in the research direction of the thesis (concise and to the point, no more than 8 words) in order to send the thesis to the peer experts for review. If the application is selected the thesis will be sent to 3 peer experts anonymously. Please save the screenshot or webpage after you selected. The thesis can be sent to review only after spot-checking.

五、Thesis Review

If you apply for a master degree, the thesis will be sent to 2 interior reviewer and 1 blind review for judge, 2 interior reviewers and 2 blind reviewers are needed for early or extension graduation students.

1. Delivery of Master's dissertations: please refer to 《设计学院硕士学位论文评审实施办法》. Secretary will send to interior reviewers in the GS system, and the thesis is the blind review version. Time for review is at least 2 weeks and students can check the result in the GS system.

2. Blind review: the thesis (1 or 2 thesis) must be printed and submitted to the monitor before deadline and research direction shall be indicated by pencil on the front page. Monitor submit the thesis to the Academic Affairs Office. The blind review shall be at least 3 weeks, and students will bear the result extension for delaying submission of the thesis. Academic Affairs Office will send the thesis to peer experts anonymously. Results of the blind review will be sent to the department and the supervisor.

3. Review results: (1) if the opinion is “agree to defense”, students attend the defense after revise thesis according to comment of experts; (2) if the opinion is “defense after revised”, students should attach the signed revised explanation by supervisor when attend the defense; (3) if the opinion is “disagree with defense”, students are not allowed to attend the defense.

It shall be regarded as an objection thesis if any of the following occurs: the expert’s evaluation is lower than 60 points, including total points, a single item or comment is “E” or experts disagree to defense and request to submit the thesis for review again.

The handling methods of objection thesis are as follows:

1. Students revise the thesis according to the expert’s opinions and reply to each expert opinion. The revision time should be at least one month, and send for review again after approved by the supervisor.

2. A reassessment expert group is established, recommended by the department. The reassessment experts reevaluate the revised thesis.

3. It shall be deemed to be passed when all the reviewers replied passed. If still failed, submit 2 months later after revised. If failed the second time, the student's application for reassessment will not be accepted.


The specific time and location will be notified separately by each discipline. If more than 2/3 of the defense committees vote for “Agree” it’s deemed as passed the defense, otherwise failed. Students can apply for the degree if passed. Students who failed the defense can apply for the second time in one year after revising the thesis.

Students apply for a degree in the GS system and print the following forms before defense:

1. Interior review 2 copies;

2. serval thesis copies;

3. maintain “Academic paper” in the GS system, and print the webpage and supervisor sign it;

4. publication cover, table of contents and main body or acceptance letter 1 copy;

5. print Shanghai Jiao Tong University Declaration of Originality of Thesisand Shanghai Jiao Tong University Thesis Copyright Authorization1 copy;

Secretary and students should prepare the following documents together:

1.defense resolution 1 copy;

2.degreee application 1 copy;

3.defense fee application 1 copy;

4.defense record form 1 copy;

5.defense vote;

6.Expert fee release form (if have off-campus committee)

七、System File

Students revise the thesis according to the comments of defense committees and upload the final thesis in the GS system before the deadline. Students can’t change it once uploaded, so please do it cautiously. Secretary can input the defense result only after students upload the final thesis.

八、Submit documents for File

After pass the defense, students should submit the hard copy documents to school academic teaching affairs office on the spring semester registration day. And the degree applications will not be accepted after the deadline.

Documents list for file:

1. Voting (three or five);

2.defense record (with the signature of the Respondent Secretary) 1 copy

3. 1 original resolution of defense (to be signed by the Secretary of the Defense and the Chairman of the Reply) and 1 copy

4.Form of approval of defense charges (signed by defense committees and secretary) 1 copy

5. Degree Application Form 1 copy

6.Thesis 1 copy (to download the thesis with bar code from the system, complete with clear title of the paper, author name, supervisor, date of defense, etc. on the cover, a copy of the signed statement of originality, authorization of copyright use for dissertations and thesis resolution signed by the secretary of defense is appended at the beginning of the paper, and a list of publications during the study period should be attached to the references.

7.publications 1 copy

8. The "My Academic Paper" screenshot printed (tutor, student signature) and a copy of the paper (cover, catalog, copy of the first page or original offer notice) are bound together in sequence in the student system 1 copy

9. Interior review 2 copies

Secretary submitted 1-5 after the defense, students submit 6-9 on the spring semester registration day.

If the matters not mentioned in this notice are inconsistent with the relevant regulations of the School and University, the relevant regulations of the school and college shall prevail.

The Academic Affairs Office of the School of Design has the final authority to interpret.


School of Design Teaching Affairs Office