FourC Challenge 24-hour Charrette Contest

The FourC Challenge stands for Create, Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate. It advocates students pay attention to the developmental trends of human society, create innovative ideas in practice, and pursue optimal designs for solving real life problems. At the same time, they must show the courage to disrupt and subvert in order to create work with social and industrial value. By combining theory and practice, they can lay the groundwork for a sustainable, healthy, and beautiful living environment.

86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes, 24 hours, can be an ordinary day or a day full of creativity and passion. Shanghai Jiao Tong School of Design will link up with well-known universities through the format of this online design contest. Working with teammates of different nationalities and backgrounds, during this 24-hour period each team will bring a unique perspective, and aim to explore and solve social problems, as well as propose innovative, forward-looking and practical design solutions that rest on a solid scientific footing.

FourC Challenge is not merely a competition, but also a global platform of design to communicate and deepen cross-cultural understanding. In this 24 hours of mutual learning, we hope that students can meet new friends and widen their vision, collaborate with each other, and promote sustainable development in the world through the power of design.