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Call for Grants of “Sino-Bulgarian Joint Lab onClimate Change Adaptative Governance for Rural Ecosystem”


In order to cope with global climate change and to improve the collaboration ability of international academic joint research on climate change, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) established “Sino-Bulgarian Joint Lab on Climate Change Adaptative Governance for Rural Ecosystem” (Sino-Bulgarian Joint Lab on CCAGRE) in September 2022, which is approved by The Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality under The Belt and Road International Joint Laboratory Construction Project. A research platform was formed by SJTU, University of Sofia, the Institute of Agricultural Economics, Sofia, Agricultural University-Plovdiv, and University of National and World Economy. The joint lab is co-supervised by Prof. Shengquan Che (China) and Prof. Hrabrin Bachev (Bulgaria). The joint lab aims to promote international collaboration in scientific research, technology development and talents training in the field of risk management and adaptive governance of rural ecosystems under climate change, and to establish a research and talent-training platform for international cooperation on climate change.

To promote the cooperative research on rural ecosystem under climate change between China and Bulgaria, the joint lab provides 4 grants to its Bulgarian partners. Now it calls for grants.  

1. Scope

(1). Study on Bulgarian Agricultural Sustainability under Climate Change

Focusing on the agricultural sustainability of Bulgaria under climate change: 1) The impact of climate change on agricultural sustainability. 2) Bulgaria Agricultural Sustainability Assessment. 3) Sustainable governance policies of farm ecosystem, etc.

(2). Rural economic governance in Bulgaria under climate change

Focusing on the impact of climate change on Bulgaria's rural economy: 1) Types of climate risk on rural economy. 2) Risk assessment and evaluation of the loss of rural economy under the impact of climate change. 3) Governance system of rural economic risks under climate change.

(3). Agricultural adaptive technology and management under climate change

Focusing on the agricultural adaptive technology under climate change: 1) Adaptive technology of planting industry under climate change. 2) The adaptive technology of breeding industry under climate change. 3) Comprehensive management of agricultural and environmental conflicts under climate change.

(4). Climate Change Risk Prediction and Planning of Rural Ecosystem

Focusing on the risks of rural ecosystems under climate change: 1) Rural climate change data construction, risk prediction and assessment. 2) Rural climate disaster simulation and spatial modeling. 3) Multi-scenarios governance and planning of rural ecosystem.

2. Funding and research duration

Each grant provides 5,000 dollars, of which at least 2500 USD must be spent in Mainland of China. Funding can be used for: (1) Research purposes, including the purchase of research data, testing and analysis fee, labor costs, etc. (2) Expenses for visiting China, including visa application, round trip plane ticket to Shanghai, international medical insurance, living expenses at SJTU. (3) Other expenses related to the project.

Research duration: 1st March, 2023 to 31st August, 2024.

3. Eligibility

(1). Requirements for application

a. Applicant must be research personnel form the Bulgarian partner organization of the joint lab.  

b. Applicant must be work at SJTU for at least one week during the project.

c. Applicant must collaborate with Chinese researchers form the joint lab, and jointly conduct academic research and publish results.

d. Participated in the collection and collation of rural related climate change data and the construction of joint laboratory database, as well as attending related seminars.

e. Applicant shall comply with Chinese laws and relevant rules and regulations of SJTU.

(2). Evaluation

a. At the end of the project, an English report shall be submitted to summarize the research results.

b. Publishing at least on academic paper with Chinese researchers form the joint lab.

c. The relevant research results of the project shall be shared by the joint lab and the affiliation of the applicant. And research results published in English must state the funding source as following: Supported by the Sino-Bulgarian Joint Lab on Climate Change Adaptative Governance for Rural Ecosystem, the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (No.22230750500).

4. Application deadline and submission information

Applicant should fill the application form (please see the attachment) and send the form and a resume to 15618252026@163.com or hrabrinbachev@abv.bg by email. The application deadline is 15th February, 2022.

All applications will be reviewed by the academic committee of the joint lab, and the granted project will be announced.

5. Contact


Ms. Anze Liang, email: 15618252026@163.com

Prof. Shengquan Che, email: chsq@sjtu.edu.cn


Prof. Hrabrin Bachev, emailhrabrinbachev@abv.bg

Attachment file: Application form for Grants of Sino-Bulgarian Joint Lab on Climate Change Adaptative Governance for Rural Ecosystem