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Director of the International Research Center for Architectural Heritage Conservation, School of Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Deputy director of the Department of Architecture, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, President of the Research Institute of Historical Architecture Survey and Design - Institute of Architectural Design and Research, Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Standing director and deputy secretary-general of China Association for the Protection of Cultural Relics; Vice-chairman, Secretary–general, Committee for Modern and Contemporary Architectures, China Association for Conservation Technology of Cultural Heritage, Member, Forbidden City society of China; Editorial committee of Ancient Garden Construction Technology; Academic member of Traditional Architecture Branch of China Survey and Design Association; Deputy director of Town Construction Committee of Shanghai Institute of Architecture; Member of Historical Building Protection Committee of Shanghai Institute of Architecture.

Bachelor's and master's degree of Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology, PhD of Zhejiang University, visiting professor of Venice university of architecture, Italy (università iuav di venezia) and University of Florence, Italy in 2014,2015. Mainly engaged in the theoretical and practical research on architectural heritage conservation, especially in the data collection and management of architectural heritage, disease investigation, precision intervention design and other aspects. He has presided over 97 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation project, and led the team to complete more than 200 architectural heritage conservation work, including conservation planning, urban protection and renewal design, building conservation design, restoration research, ancient architectural design, etc. He has won the second prize of Scientific and Technological Progress of Shanghai in 2019; the Survey and Design Star of Shanghai 40 Weeks of Reform and Opening-up", the President's Award of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other honors. Ten design awards, including the top 10 National Cultural Relic Conservation Projects in 2011.He is the author of five monographs and books, including Research on Traditional Residences in Pudong and Research on Shanghai Ancient Bridge Conservation, and has published more than 40 academic papers.

1.  Second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award,2019

2.  Third prize of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Gymnasium Conservation Project

3.  Second prize of Historical Context Building Protection Design of East China Normal University, 2019

4.  Design Star of "40 Years of Reform and Opening-up"

5.  Best teacher in "Travel and Learn" Shanghai Summer Social Practice for College Student (2018)

6.  The General Office at Shanghai Jiao Tong University Restoration Project——The Third Prize of the Education Ministry Outstanding Restoration design in 2017

7.  “Principal Award”of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2016

8.  Third prize of protection and renovation planning design of Chuansha Zhongshi street (2015)

9.  Shanghai Xuhui Middle School Chongsi Building Restoration Project——The 2nd Prize of Shanghai Outstanding Restoration design in 2013

10. Shanghai Xuhui Middle School Chongsi Building Restoration Project——One of the Ten Outstanding Restoration Project in China in 2011

11. The Dunedin Chinese Garden Design Project ——Garden of National Significance (New Zealand) in 2011

12. Chongde Building‘s Restoration and Strengthening Project——The 2nd Prize of Shanghai Outstanding Restoration design in 2009

1.Research on Shanghai Ancient Bridge Conservation, sole author, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press,2019,11

2.Research on Traditional Residences in Pudong, sole author, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press,2019,11

3.Architectural Charm of SJTU,writeandcompile, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press,2016.11

4.This is Venice,translation,2015.2

5.New Exploration of Shanghai Industrial Heritage, coauthor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press,2009.6

1.  Research on Ancient Bridges in Shanghai. Ancient Garden Technology, first author. 2019,11

2.  A Preliminary Study on the Protection of Industrial Heritage in Shanghai in Recent Ten Years, first author, CSCD. 2019,07

3.  Studies on Wall Painting Materials and Techniques at Two Historic Buildings in Gyantse, Tibet. Heritage Science. SCIE. corresponding author, 2019,07

4.  A Historical Survey of Urban Renewal in The United States -- A Case Study in Pittsburgh, Chinese and Overseas Architecture, corresponding author, 2019,04

5.  Guide to the Construction and Active Use of Archaeological Parks, Italy. Architects. Corresponding author, 2019,06

6.  Restoration Theory and Practice of Post-Brandi Italian Architects. Journal of Architecture, CSSCI, corresponding author, 2019,07

7.  Application and Discussion of Portable Optical Measurement Technology in Tibetan Architectural Heritage Records. Central China architecture, corresponding author. 2019,01

8.  Research on the Status quo of Shipping Heritage in Pudong and Its Conservation and Reuse Strategies. Heritage and Conservation Research. Corresponding author. 2018.10

9.  Applications of integrated digital technologies for surveying Tibetan architectural heritage: Three years of experiences. CAADRIA 2017 - 22ND INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER-AIDED ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN RESEARCH IN ASIA: PROTOCOLS, FLOWS AND GLITCHES.EI. 通讯作者.2017

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15.  Using Digital Photogrammetry to Obtain Geometric Information of Ancient Buildings. Ancient Garden Technology. First author.2010.03

1.  Graduates teaching: Basic theory on Architectural Conservation

2.  Undergraduates teaching: Survey and Measured Drawings of Historic Architecture

3.  Undergraduates teaching: Construction of Chinese Traditional Architecture,

4.  Undergraduates teaching: Graduation Design

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9.  A Study on Methods Combining HBIM-GIS for Documentation and Analysis of Architectural Heritage, National Natural Science Fund 2017.01-2020.12

10.  GIS Application for Heritage Management of Liantang Historic Town

People's government of Liantang town, Qingpu district, Shanghai, 2016.12-2017.04

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