SUN Miao
Postdoctoral Fellow in Urban Planning, Tongji University. Ph.D. in Engineering (Architecture), Teaching Fellow in School of Design, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, National 1st Class Registered Architect, Member of Architectural Society of China, Promoter of Metropolitan Regeneration Research Society (in preparation) of Tongji University
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Dr. Sun,Miao has graduated with a Ph.D. degree in engineer (architecture) from TongjiUniversity in 2019, a master's degree in architecture from the University ofStuttgart, Germany in 2011, an a bachelor degree in architecture from TongjiUniversity in 2008, as well as visiting assistant in research at the UrbanDesign Studio in Yale University. He worked in Professor Li Zhenyu's studio ofTongji Architectural Design Group, Planning Architectural Design and ResearchInstitute of ECADI, and HPP Planning and Architectural Design Company, Germany.

Dr. Sun, Miao has published 13 articles injournals such as Urban Planning Forum, Architectural Journal, Urban Planning International,Shanghai Journal of Economics, Architects, etc., and 7 papers in Conferencessuch as UIA, TICCIH, China Industrial Heritage Conference. Participating in 2NSFC projects and hosting or mainly participating in 7 urban regenerationprojects Shanghai, Jiaxing, Changzhou, etc. He was invited to give academicreports in enterprises such as Vanke and Greentown and instructed students toobtain the national innovation project of Tongji University. He has won a thirdprize of the International Sustainable Architectural Design Competition and theOutstanding Paper Award of the China Urban Housing Conference.

1.National construction of high-level university public graduate project(2017)

2. First-ClassScholarship from Tongji University(2017)

3. ExcellentUrban Design Award in Zhejiang Province (2016)

4. OutstandingPaper Award of the China Urban Housing Conference (2015)

5. Thirdprize of the International Sustainable Architectural Design Competition (2010)

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Architecture Design and Theory 3-2

1. Conceptualplanning research on regeneration development of Wending Rd block in XuhuiDistrict, Shanghai, Project, Leader

2. NSFCproject: Research on the technical system of “Downtown Factory” community-orientedregeneration in Yangtze River Delta, Main Participant

3. NSFC project: Research on the time and spaceelements and expression system of "shared architecture", Participant